What movies are referenced in the Community episode “Modern Warfare”?


  • Jeff calls a guy “post-ironic Disco Stu”. (“The Simpsons”)
  • Abed points out the lack of romantic chemistry between Jeff and Britta compared to Ross and Rachel (“Friends”) or Sam and Diane (“Cheers”).
  • Dean Pelton announces a paintball contest in which the last man standing (“Or last man in a wheelchair with no paint on him.” “Or last woman.” “Give it a rest, Britta.”) gets the prize. (Battle Royale, among others)
  • A “1 HOUR LATER” intertitle appears, and Jeff wakes up in his car to find a deserted Greendale. (28 Days Later)
  • Abed jumps off the wall when saving Jeff from Leonard. (The Matrix)
  • Abed says to Jeff, “Come with me if you don’t want to get paint on your clothes.” (Terminator franchise repeated line: “Come with me if you want to live.”)
  • Troy is seen working furiously at a computer. (possibly a reference to some of the students in Battle Royale)
  • Troy greets Jeff with, “Jeff Winger, you son of a bitch!” and a high-five/handshake. (Predator)
  • Troy tells Jeff, “I thought you were dead, man.” (Escape from New York)
  • Jeff complains about “cheap ploys” while taking off his shirt. (reference to “Community” using Joel McHale’s physique to appeal to female audiences, especially during the billiards episode in which he stripped naked)
  • Green slime drips down the wall as Abed urinates. (Alien or Aliens)
  • Annie pops out wearing a trash can lid on her head. (The Fifth Element)
  • Mexican standoff in the bathroom. (classic action movie scenario, especially in Sergio Leone and Quentin Tarantino films)
  • Troy is the first member of the study group to get shot. (reference to the trope that the black guy always dies first)
  • The study group competes with the glee club, Annie says, “Oh brother!  That is so uninspired!”, and Jeff yells, “Write some original songs!” (outright mockery of competing show “Glee”; may also be an inside joke, I read somewhere that they film on the same set but cannot confirm it)
  • The study group gathers around a fire while discussing what they will do if they win the prize. (Red Dawn, among other war movies)
  • Post-ironic Disco Stu yells, “Study grouuup..come out to plaaaaay.” (The Warriors: rollerskate gang, as well as the specific line “Warriorrrrs…come out to plaaaaaay.”)
  • Shirley quotes the Bible while fighting the rollerskate gang. (Saving Private Ryan for the specific passage, The Boondock Saints or Pulp Fiction for general Biblical quotation)
  • Chang asks to be put in the game. (Jesse Ventura’s character Captain Freedom in The Running Man)
  • Britta nurses Jeff with lots of sexual tension. (various movies, but especially Raiders of the Lost Ark and possibly the first Terminator)
  • As Britta attempts to fire her unloaded gun, Jeff says, “Uh-oh…no paintballs? What, do you think I’m stupid?” (Die Hard)
  • Chang whips out a gun with red tiger camo. (“Modern Warfare” video game)
  • Chang shoots up the study room one-handed. (Scarface, possibly First Blood)
  • Chang whips out two golden pistols. (Face/Off, possibly other John Woo movies as well)
  • Chang and Britta shoot at each other while running in opposing directions. (Hard Boiled for Chang, possibly The Matrix and Wanted for the general scenario)
  • Chang and Britta’s bullets collide. (The Shadow, Wanted)
  • Chang cackles as he activates a self-destruct device.  Jeff dives in slow-mo to escape the explosion. (Predator)
  • Jeff shoots up Dean Pelton’s office for his manipulation. (Rambo: First Blood Part II)
  • Jeff tapes a gun to his back to surprise-attack Dean Pelton. (Die Hard)


  • Abed’s goggles and outfit resemble Riddick’s in Pitch Black (a.k.a. The Chronicles of Riddick).
  • Troy’s outfit resembles those of Hicks in Aliens, Wez in Mad Max 2 (a.k.a. Road Warrior), and Sub Zero in The Running Man.
  • Jeff’s wife beater outfit resembles John McClane’s in Die Hard.
  • Britta’s outfit resembles Alice’s in Resident Evil: Apocalypse.
  • Chang’s outfit resembles that of Chow Yun-Fat’s character in Hard Boiled or The Killer.


  • The tense music used before cutting to commercial breaks was from “LOST”.
  • Characters repeatedly refer to “the prize”. (Highlander)

Is there a definitive What Community Referenced reference guide?

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